About Podgora


Podgora lies between the mighty Biokovo and the depths of the blue sea. A small and peaceful place whose beauty is embodied in its rich tradition and simplicity of living. Podgora is made of its contrasts - the sea and the mountain, heights and depths, timeless and current. When you look at the mountain, you feel humbled by it and acknowledge the things that really matter in life.

Podgora has always been turned towards the sea. A connection that is unbreakable. The sea provided people with food and enabled them to survive. It is not a surprise that the maritime and fishing tradition is in the blood of people from Podgora. The core of Podgora, as we know it today, evolved from the city's port, which still abounds in fishing boats. Seagull’s wings monument, which rises above the place, bears witness to its rich maritime history.

Reconstruction of the existing hotel and the construction of additional facilities