Experience Medora

Our story

When gazing at the mighty Biokovo and the eternal sea, we are confronted by what is crucial, the eternal part of us, our essence. 

Biokovo and the sea are united in Podgora, place named after its position under the mountain. When we look at the mountain, we feel humble, when we look at the sea, we are inspired. 

Podgora unifies contrasts, the sea depths with the mountain heights. Podgora is the sea and the mountain, the rock and the ravine, the shell and the stalactite. This place of contrasts takes us back into the past as we turn towards the future. 

Name Medora

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Medora is named after the endemic species of shell found on Biokovo. The name Medora brings together all the colors and zones of Podgora. It symbolizes the mountain and the sea, and her small shell represents the preservation of Podgora’s tradition and its way of life.

Medora introduces you to the world of Podgora’s tradition and culture while offering modern services of the highest international standard in the hotel industry.

The colors of Podgora

The landscape of Podgora

The landscape of Podgora brings together the colors of nature. Nature has painted the sea in blue, the beaches in gold, the plants in green and the mountain peaks in silver.

Each color of Podgora represents a zone consisted of a series of activities you can enjoy while staying at Medora.

Reconstruction of the existing hotel and the construction of additional facilities