Why spend your holiday in Podgora

Each coastal region has its heart, and in the middle of the Croatian coast, at the very heart of Dalmatia, is the pearl of the Makarska Riviera: Podgora. This picturesque, once fishing village is an interesting tourist destination for your holidays. Many people are familiar with Podgora, but many others have yet to discover its natural beauties, its cultural and historical sites and its attractions, which get better every year with new things to do, in an effort to provide an even better holiday to all its visitors.

Podgora is a special place on the Adriatic coast which you should see and experience at least once in your lifetime. A combination of incredible contrasts between the sea and the mountains stirs admiration and creates a special feeling of pleasure and excitement that remains with you during your entire stay in this magically attractive corner of Dalmatia.

Podgora is a tourist destination for people who want to experience a blend of traditional and modern atmospheres; for people who want to find the perfect balance between natural beauty and modern activities. There are many ways you can find your oasis of pleasure in the gifts of Podgora.

The sea, the beaches, the mountain

beach hotel in makarska riviera

The best way to experience everything that Podgora has to offer is to indulge in its seductive charms bestowed by mother nature. The ecologically clean sea, clean beaches, Mediterranean vegetation and the air are real lures for tourists looking to feel and experience the fullness of their holiday. Sunbathing on the Podgora pebble and rocky beaches gives you the maximum pleasure for your body and soul.The beaches stretch the whole length of the town and are tailored to a variety of personal preferences. 

The organised beaches in front of the hotels are ideal for families, with all the accompanying amenities including showers, changing rooms, catering services, as well as water activities. These are followed by small beaches in the shade of pine and palm trees, beaches bathed in the warm sun for lovers of the maximum tan, and finally, many hidden natural beaches and coves that are particularly attractive to romantic couples or people who are looking for their own private piece of paradise.

Besides the clear sea and beaches, the view of the Biokovo mountain as it soars from the sea and towers over the entire area gives us a special feeling while on holiday in Podgora – inducing a sense of awe in us. In addition to the refreshing effect on our spirit, Biokovo also offers many ways to keep our bodies fit. Hiking trails, photo safari, paragliding, kite flying, and exploring the Kotišina botanical garden on Biokovo are just some of the ways you can get to know this magnificent mountain.


The climate in Podgora, like the entirety of the Makarska Riviera, is perfect for summer holidays and belongs to the mild Mediterranean climate with many hours of sunshine. It is also the perfect invitation for off-season tourists as well,since the tourist season in Podgora begins in April and lasts until the end of October.

Biokovo protects Podgora from the harsh continental climate and keeps the warm winds and the temperature of the sea. Therefore, Podgora winters are mild and the summers are long and warm, pleasantly cooled by the mistral breeze, while the sea temperatures often reach 20 degrees, even during the off-season.

The climate of Central Dalmatia also benefits health tourism.

Transport connections

Podgora is located on the Adriatic highway, which makes travel by car and bus easy. The nearest airports are located in Split (87 km) and Dubrovnik (145 km), which makes Podgora a highly accessible and desirable destination on the Makarska Riviera and ensures easy access from near and far. Apart from land and air transport, there is a sea connection from the Split ferry port, which is connected with Italy (i.e. the city of Ancona), as well as a number of ports along the Croatian coast and islands.

Cultural and historical sights

Cultural and historical sights in podgora

The identity of each place is based on its history and the people who have created it. Ever since the ancient days, this area has been marked by the connection between people and the sea through fishing and seafaring. The geographical location of Central Dalmatia has always been attractive to other nations who wanted to conquer it and make use of its natural treasures. The powerful Republic of Venice and the Turkish conquests were the biggest usurpers of Central Dalmatia and the area of modern Podgora, which has survived in spite of the wars of times past. The most significant building from that era is the large tower on Rošćići hill.

The first mention of the place dates from the 16th century and the most interesting historical artefacts of past times are considered to be the Church of St. Tekla with an old medieval cemetery, and the Church of All Saints built in 1764, where religious feasts in honour of the patron of Podgora, St. Vincent, have been held for over 200 years. Apart from the believers and pilgrims, this event also draws in curious tourists who want to attend the indigenous celebration of the people from the Podgora area.

An interesting destination of religious heritage is certainly the Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus built as a family chapel in 1804 by a noble family called Mrkušić. Today it represents a valuable historical and architectural legacy.

One of Podgora’s most recognisable symbols is the Seagull Wings monument (1962), over 20 m high, the work of sculptor Rajko Radović. The monument soars above the town and marks the victory over fascism in the Adriatic Sea. Today it is an attractive location because of its beautiful view of the blue sea.

Life at the foot of Biokovo and on it

The people of Podgora lived closer to Biokovo than the sea until the middle of last century, settling on the more fertile land. However, after the great earthquake of 1962, a major shift took place and the residents turned closer to the sea as tourism partially replaced wine growing, fishing, olive cultivation and farming to become the main economic activity.

The remains of the old abandoned villages that still exist on the slopes of Biokovo are reminders of these times not too distant from us and of a simpler way of life. Many of the old houses are being restored and attracting tourists looking for the true beauty of preserved nature and the old way of life. It also boasts eco-village tourism, in response to the increasing quest for the lost balance in urban areas.

The Biokovo Nature Park is especially recommended for visitors looking for peace, tranquil walks and to research the Biokovo flora with its endemic species of plants.

Holidays for the body and soul

yoga on the beach in croatia

For those who want to escape from the stress and bustle of urban areas, Podgora offers a true heaven for the body and soul: the crystal-clear waters, beautiful beaches, secluded coves, rich Mediterranean vegetation, the clean environment, the smells and tastes of traditional Dalmatian cuisine, long promenades along the coast and an undisputed sense of living in harmony with nature.

An active holiday

hiking in makarska riviera

For those who want to experience an exciting and active holiday, Podgora is the right choice with activities taking place during the day and night that will make you feel butterflies in your stomach and make you fall in love with life, to feel again what it means to live life to the fullest!

Water-skiing, jet-skiing and banana rides are just some of the adrenaline-filled fun in the water that will spice up your stay at the beach with action and excitement. Furthermore, the activities get air-borne: parasailing, or the experience of parachuting over the sea under the safe leadership of a speedboat, a favourite of many visitors. For those who want to get even higher, we recommend the zipline ride, a 1000 m long track on steel cables above the enchanting panorama of Tučepi.

For or those who love to hike, the Biokovo mountain offers an unforgettable experience of climbing the cliffs and the countless narrow paths where you might even run into some mountain goats, enjoy the spectacular view of the sea and explore the native flora. The “Sveti Jure” summit is the second highest mountain peak in Croatia (1762 m), and therefore a special challenge to all climbers who want to conquer the heights.

The nightlife in Podgora offers plenty of good fun. There are many bars, restaurants, taverns and cafés where, in addition to the great selection of food and drinks, you can enjoy the live musical evenings. For young people, there are the famous Podgora beach parties, cocktail parties and theme nights, with guest performances by musicians and DJs that can make even the toughest non-dancers dance.

The Podgora summer cultural evenings will satisfy lovers of theatre, classical music and folklore (the famous Fishermen's Night), which will undoubtedly leave a deep impression on the refined taste of the demanding clientele.

Family holiday

Podgora is an ideal destination for families, as evidenced by the wide range of hotels, apartments and campsites tailored to both adults and children. From comfortable and modern furnished rooms with all the amenities for a large family, to the rich hotel and restaurant offer that, besides the famous traditional dishes, includes modern foods that are a favourite with children, and the colourful entertainment on the beaches, including animators, organized games, fun competitions, a children's pool at the Medora Auri hotel, and a trip in an attractive semi-submersible for a unique experience of the marine world... In a nutshell, your children will enjoy themselves, and you'll enjoy yourself with them thanks to a carefree and perfectly tuned vacation.

Specific recommendations for day trips include visiting the islands of Hvar and Brač, which feature many interesting cultural sites and a rich gastronomic offer.

A romantic holiday for two

romantic holidays in croatia

For all lovers who want to spend a romantic holiday with their partner, either as a holiday or just as a weekend break, Podgora opens its heart full of crimson sunsets. In the hot summer evenings, you can enjoy the soothing sound of the sea as it gently laps the beach, the easy breeze with the sound of rustling palm leaves, an incredibly brilliant starry sky that you will never see in urban areas, the relaxing Mediterranean melodies from the terraces and the best Dalmatian wines with a centuries-old tradition.

Treat yourself to a revitalising massage for two, which will create sensual feelings and make you feel as strong as a lion and as attractive as a goddess.

Why spend your holiday in Podgora?

The question: “Why spend your holiday in Podgora?” has a thousand answers starting with “Podgora because!"

These are just some of them, and we believe that when you visit you will find many more!

Podgora because it combines the beautiful nature of this area, a comprehensive tourist offer, and traditional values with the modern needs of today’s tourists.

Podgora because here you will enjoy the harmony of the classic beach holiday, swimming and sunbathing, as well as new and exciting experiences, tastes and smells of the sea and Biokovo.

Podgora because the people of Podgora will delight you with their traditional hospitality and their attention to the specific needs of every tourist.

Podgora because you will be forever won over by its charm, like many of our guests before you, and you will quickly go from strangers to fans of Podgora and friends who will be returning to us every summer.

And so, explore this undiscovered pearl of Central Dalmatia and the Croatian Adriatic coast this season and find the perfect piece of paradise that you will always gladly come back to!

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