Medora Fit Programme

Summer vacation is an ideal way to break old routines. No going to work in the morning, eating and sleeping on the clock- it is all about you. Relaxing your body and mind during your summer vacations does not mean being lazy and getting stuck to the couch surrounded by packages of junk food. Your brain is programmed to relax by working, and so is the rest of your body.

Summer vacations have always been the perfect time to let go of your training routines and schedules and get out of shape, and you have worked too hard to allow something like that to happen. So say “Hello” to Medora Fit programme, where we make your health our number one priority. Be it with fresh juices and carefully prepared food, or with numerous activities you can be a part of, we are here to help you in any way possible.

So come and say “Hi” to Emilio, our professional fitness instructor and a big part of the Medora Fit programme, with experience from professional football teams and athletes to both beginner and advanced workouts.

Emilio is very passionate about his work. He will help you create the perfect summer workout schedule, along with the dietary advice, so that your summer body (that you have worked so hard on since January), does not get thrown out of the window.

Become a part of the Medora Fit programme and enjoy a healthy and fulfilling vacation!

More information and reservation at reception or call +385 (0)21 602 100 

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