Podgora Offers Top Accommodation for People with Food Sensitivity

Eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is becoming very popular today. This is mainly because people are living very stressful lives and are often under all kinds of pressure. Some have demanding jobs, while others have family obligations. Anyhow, being under constant stress is dangerous to the health, so people are always looking for ways to live happier lives. Going on vacations is one way in which people can relax from everyday obligations and enjoy good times with their friends and families.

One great place for spending a holiday is Podgora on the Makarska Riviera. If you visit the Hotel Medora Auri you will definitely enjoy your time if you are a fan of healthy living, because they really care about people with different tastes and life choices. Not only you will enjoy in the comfortable rooms, but their restaurants are vegan-and allergen friendly, with special menus for vegetarians, vegans and people seeking healthier choices in general. It's important to know, that Mediterranean cuisine is very rich and well known for its healthy food products such as fish, olive oil, garlic and such, therefore peaking on top of a healthy diet charts.

The Mediterranean way of preparing food is the main guideline for preparing meals for guests in all Medora Auri restaurants, so people with certain allergies and food intolerances will definitely feel like home.

So, if you are in search for a healthy vacation with lactose free, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, vegan and other healthy menus, Hotel Medora Auri is your next destination.

The importance of practicing a healthy diet

In today`s fast and modern way of living, there are numerous reasons why someone should explore healthier alternatives to traditional diets. Eating fast foods and not paying enough attention to own bodies can bring bad consequences, so vegan, vegetarian or other healthy diets are a good way to improve your health. Today, there are many good choices when it comes to eating healthy. There are many vegetables, fruits, nuts, beans, wheat, and oils which you can include in your diet. A good thing to know is that each type of fruit or vegetable has unique properties, so trying them all is advisable. Try some new nuts, fruits, and vegetables, and you will be definitely amazed about how many delicious vegan, allergen friendly, dairy free, gluten free and lactose free meals are on offer at Hotel Medora Auri in Podgora.

 Have in mind that waiters and Medora's restaurant stuff in general will be happy to advise on allergens found in particular foods and advise on choosing a type of dish without any allergens just for you.

Many people today wonder what exactly a vegan diet is. Although similar to vegetarian diet, it is not the same. Vegetarians do not eat meat and poultry, but some eat fish. Vegans, on the other side, do not eat meat, fish, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. That makes it sometimes hard for them to find hotels where they will eat healthy according to their diet.

However, Hotel Medora Auri recognized this a long time ago, so their menu has lots of different foods specifically made for vegans. Vegans today have many food choices in comparison with the choices they had a few decades ago. This is because vegan foods today are increasingly popular and come with high nutritional value. Veganism and vegetarianism are dietary choices for a lot of people, so it is good to know that they can maintain living their healthy lifestyle even while on vacation.

When it comes to what exactly vegan lifestyle is, one should know that this involves living in a certain way and avoiding using products from animal origin. Many people question the ethics of killing animals for food and want to avoid eating products that have big numbers of ingested proteins and chemicals in them. This is because that can lead to poor health and lowered vitality. Vegans want to live in more conscious and healthier way by eating only natural products. They are trying to live in harmony with the nature, so living that lifestyle requires many sacrifices when it comes to food. 

However, finding good vegan and allergen-free meals is not that hard today, knowing that there are many places where you can get your favorite food.

Food allergies and allergens – for you to know:

The number one food allergens include: soy, gluten and wheat, dairy, eggs, nuts, peanuts, sesame, tree nuts, fish, and shellfish. Of course, other food allergens can occur from other foods. Some common allergens include moldy or fermented foods (chocolate, cheese, vinegar, peanuts, cashews), while many people have no idea what food they’re reacting to when they have an allergic response such as hives, anaphylaxis, itching, digestive upset, or trouble breathing.

Hotel Medora Auri is such a place where you can spend a great holiday and enjoy all amazing vegan and no-allergen friendly meals that are on offer in all of our restaurants which you can find here: https://www.medorahotels.com./en/auri-restaurants-and-bars/.

The benefits of a healthy lifestyle are endless. Following a healthy diet can lead to better health and increased vitality and flexibility. Healthy lifestyle choices and following a vegan diet can also lead to lowered stress and clearer way of thinking. Many areas of life are positively impacted by following healthy eating habits, and good thing is that people have lots of choices to find a good food for them. Vegans should not worry anymore whether they will find a place where they can relax and keep following their vegan diet.

Hotel Medora Auri employs top quality chefs who can prepare meals for every taste and for any type of diet. That way all visitors are satisfied that they can keep living the lifestyle they choose. Besides that, the entire area around Hotel Medora Auri and Podgora is full of great places where vegans can enjoy. Nature is beautiful and there are many places where everybody can find their peace and quiet. Visit this hotel and enjoy all the great things it has to offer.

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