Weddings in Hotel Medora Auri

There are many things that a couple should take into account when organising the wedding day. After all, this is one of the most important days of their lives. Choosing a location is one of the most important elements of your wedding planning activities. In the past, people were looking for a hotel or a restaurant where they can organize their weddings. The situation is the same today, but there is one big difference – the destination weddings are on the rise.

Obviously, when the couple has relatives from different places their wedding looks like a destination wedding for some of the guests, but we are talking about a real destination wedding. This means selecting a place which is at least one hundred miles away from your home and a place where none of you has lived. So, why would someone pick a place like this? Simply put, because these places look beautiful and extraordinary. Let’s take Podgora and Hotel Medora Auri as an example. 

According to the latest statistics, the tourism sector in Croatia is booming. This is not a surprise for those who have visited this amazing European country. Croatia has everything modern tourists need, and this is especially true for the small, yet attractive region known as Makarska Riviera. 

If you are interested in throwing a wedding party in Podgora (Makarska Riviera), we recommend Hotel Medora Auri.

When you are organizing a wedding, you want to be sure that the facility is completely prepared for this important event. This is exactly what you’ll get from Hotel Medora Auri. With experience in this field and its beautiful facilities, this hotel can guarantee a memorable wedding. The staff is aware of the desires, requirements, and needs of future newlyweds and they will do their best to meet and exceed these expectations.

The wedding hall at the hotel can receive 300 guests. Even if your wedding is smaller, you can still book the wedding celebration with Hotel Medora Auri. Another thing worth mentioning is the fantastic gastronomic offer. As expected, it includes some authentic, high-quality Mediterranean dishes. The good news is that you can select any popular international dishes you want. 

Thanks to Hotel Medora Auri, you can fulfill all the wishes and desires you have had for your wedding. The best part is that not everything takes place in the hotel. Before the official ceremony, the future newlyweds (and their guests) can walk on the beach situated right in front of the hotel. This is the best beach in the area. 

In order to make you feel even better, the hotel provides a special gift to the newlyweds. For this package, the newlyweds will get an overnight stay in the beautiful Junior Suite after the wedding. They will also get a breakfast by choice, early check-in and a special wellness package that they can use to unwind and relax. 

What can you expect from your Hotel Medora Auri wedding?

In addition to the things we have already mentioned, you can expect few other positive things from your wedding in Hotel Medora Auri, Podgora.

For start, you can forget about stress. As you are probably aware, weddings can be stressful, but the hotel management will take care of all the things – the food, the place where you and your guests will stay, changing venues etc. Everything will take place at the hotel. With this option, you are free to keep everything casual. It is up to you to choose whether you want a more formal wedding or a more casual wedding. You can also unleash your creativity and use a theme which suits you. The future newlyweds can also get information about local wedding traditions and incorporate them if they want to.

Things will get much easier and simpler when you don’t have to choose between your city and her/his city. Obviously, what is even better is that this “neutral ground” looks amazing. Podgora was blessed with impressive nature and there are some interesting attractions in this region that you can visit before and after the wedding.

Weddings in Hotel Medora Auri are always a remarkable experience!

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